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  • The following text is to inform you of an exciting opportunity to join the LocalEyes Development Partnership as either a “Member” or a “Partner”.

What is LocalEyes?
LocalEyes is a project of The Shire Initiative, a non-profit social enterprise. It is made up of a range of innovative online community-building tools. These tools take advantage of interactive online digital technologies to help re-engage and rebuild communities, by providing processes which promote local social networking and democratic participation in decision-making.

What are the main objectives of LocalEyes?
The key aim of the project is to apply the latest technologies such as internet, mobile and video to the task of strengthening local communities and local democracy. Principal objectives include :

  • Promote face to face social interaction by proactively matching local information to individuals’ interests. This will create innumerable opportunities for local social interaction and participation in decision-making at all levels.
  • Create online groups and social networks based on local, geographic communities.
  • Index everything local using postcodes, so as to create a comprehensive local search engine that can be viewed in a multitude of layers, such as skills, people, groups, businesses, freecycling, swapping, selling, car sharing, news, events, themes for discussion and debate.
  • Offer person-centred work placements, volunteering and training opportunities through the Community Builder Scheme, tailored to the interests, needs and abilities of the individual.
  • Create jobs, both directly through sales of LocalEyes’s services (such as VocalEyes and BusinessTube) and indirectly through the LocalEyes Community Builder scheme.
  • Build capacity of local groups, by offering them both the latest online technologies and also additional person-power (through the Community Builder scheme).
  • Facilitate local democracy, providing tools that enable communities and groups of all kinds to involve their existing members in making decisions and taking action,

Why a LocalEyes Development Partnership?

The LocalEyes project is made up of 3 core components:

  1. Infrastructure
  2. Content
  3. Development strategy and delivery

We already have strong partnerships covering all three components but need to widen our reach. We are therefore creating a new framework for involvement – the LocalEyes Development Partnership (LDP) – for organisations who can contribute at a variety of levels to LocalEyes development strategy and delivery. The LDP will be made up of organisations which support the objectives of the LocalEyes project and which may wish to use LocalEyes services . Organisations which join the LDP will help to determine how the LocalEyes project evolves. Establishing a healthy list of partner organisations will enable us to secure the large scale funding required to realise the full potential of LocalEyes.

The Ask

We would like your organisation to consider joining the LocalEyes Development Partnership (LDP). There are two routes to doing so:

1) Become a Member of the LocalEyes Development Partnership (M-LDP)

The cost is nominal (£50 – 100 p.a.) and only requires you to:

Confirm your support for the LocalEyes objectives
Help to progress LocalEyes by passing on leads to other organisations that may be interested in using some of the LocalEyes services, or in joining the LDP themselves.
Help to prioritise the development of new and existing modules within LocalEyes (if you intend to use these services )

The benefits to Members & Partners of the LDP are as follows:

  • Your organisation becomes a collaborator in building what could become the world’s most comprehensive local social network, delivering added benefits to your community and creating a comprehensive local resource for local people.
  • As a supporter of LocalEyes’s bid for large scale funding to develop the project, your organisation positions itself to help run the accompanying programmes throughout the UK, delivering training, work experience, volunteering and job opportunities.
  • Your organisation strengthens itself by gaining access to an expanding range of tools, training and resources to assist in community-building.
  • Your organisation gains experience with LocalEyes and can then go on to become a Partner, deriving revenue from promoting LocalEyes services including VocalEyes & BusinessTube, taking a percentage of all sales.
  • Your organisation is kept up to date with the latest technologies and projects
    Your organisation enhances its reputation by becoming the local anchor for LocalEyes services and also part of a national network of Community Development organisations that can share best practices and new techniques
  • Your organisation benefits from an ethos which includes emphasis on personal development and team building

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