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Regenerating community music through schools, groups, events, interactive concerts and worshops
Regenerating community music through schools, groups, events, interactive concerts and worshops
When you think of indigenous cultures that project a strong sense of connection to each other and their land, we almost always find some element of powerful music present at the heart of the activites within these societies. In Western society we have largely lost this means of expression and connection.
Some of the key elements that many people lack are:
  • An outlet for their creative expression
  • An outlet specifically to express the voice
  • Singing or playing music with local people
  • Engaging in music through intention
  • Exposing ourselves to sustained frequency, (the basis and common factor at the heart of all indigenous music i.e. didgeridoo, overtone singing, chanting, mantra, drumming, drone etc.)

Key Projects
The main projects we are currently focusing within Sound Vision are:

  1. Community Music; initially working with schools, teaching them songs with an environmental and community focus that are relevant to the world we live in today. Then performing these songs in local community events with the result of;
    ~ boosting attendance
    ~ creating a vibrant atmosphere
    ~ strengthening the sense of community
    ~ raising awareness on important themes
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  2. Interactive Concerts; coordinating a series of workshops over a 12 week period leading up to an interactive concert where everyone present is involved in some way. The basis for all the songs is set out from the beginning but the performace is largely governed by those who attends the workshops and the skills/tallents/enthusiasm they bring.

    The concerts themselves will use quadraphic sound, using 4 stages, north, east, south and west – red, green, yellow and blue. In the concert the performance will be orchastrated with the emphasis constantly changing from single to multi stage shows, from solo to group performances, from low and high energy, with extensive use of colour, visual and performing art.
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“Time” (to make the changes)
View “Time” performed with a primary school in Pembrokeshire. click here .

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