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Video Business Listings
Video Business Listings

What we offer:
30 to 60 second video adverts promoting your business.

Go to, enter your postcode and search for “greenfibres” – then click on the video thumbnail in the search results on the GreenFibres listing.

Why bother?
There’s something to be said for face to face contact. But time is short and there’s hell of a lot of people/customers to get to in an ever decreasing 24-hour day. But for those of us, who thrive on knowing who we’re talking to, understanding what people are about or just connecting with others, the answer is here and it’s online video.

Yes, Online video viewing and usage is fast becoming one of the fastest growing Internet trends, with Hitwise reporting UK Internet traffic to Video websites has increased by 40.7% over the last 12 months. Websites like YouTube and BBC iPlayer are among the top most popular websites and You Tube alone has 15 hours of video uploaded to its site every minute.

So what does this tell me?
This trend demonstrates that – one, video is now a key component on the online landscape and two; that consumers are using and behaving differently on the web. Where once inaccessible, video is now within their grasp as faster broadband connections have made it easier for audiences to engage with this channel. After all, it’s everyone’s opportunity to 15 minutes of fame.

The benefits summarised ..
In a nutshell, here’s why you should be thinking business video:

  • It lets you speak your customers’ language but in a highly effective, targeted way.
  • It puts a face and adds personality to your business plus increases trust in consumers because you’re effectively saying to them – ‘you know who I am now, come buy from me’.
  • It allows your customer to engage with you as they would in face to face contact building a community. A community of customers – what more could you want.
  • Once you do video, it’s forever – you can reuse your video again and again.
  • By uploading your video to community sites line,  you are suddenly reaching a whole new market – every one of those users is a potential customer.
  • It’s not that difficult to do – you can use your webcam, mobile phone or handy cam to deliver different messages time and time again.
  • Your BusinessTube video is an essential part of the marketing mix, allowing you to combine all of your marketing messages into one channel. Plus, with your video streaming from our partner platform, you don’t have to worry about using your own bandwidth! So make sure you update BusinessTube  with regular videos and blog posts and reap the benefits!
  • It’s fun – so why not mix a bit of pleasure with business?

OK .. so how do I get started?
Whether you’re starting from scratch or if you already have a video to upload, simply call us on 07971 219 848 or email and we’ll do the rest.

Our full range of video services
We offer the following video marketing packages:

  1. Business Advert: One 30 to 60 second video promoting your business. This will consist of up to ten six second clips edited together with an appropriate sound track.
  2. Promotions & Testimonials: Short simple videos, each a single take and up to 30 seconds long, publicising your business promotions or with testimonials from clients/customers.

How much is it?
We’ve created BusinessTube to offer affordable, effective and engaging solutions to suit all budgets.

  • Video Footage; £25/hr for obtaining the video footage (this should take no more than 2 to 3 hrs, min. cost  of 2 hrs)
  • Video Editing; Up to 4 hours FREE! All additional video editing work will be charged at £20/hr
  • Promotion via BusinessTube  & LocalTube; Starting at only £8/month for up to 5 videos
  • Promotion via LocalEyes; FREE! Your business and its videos will also appear on the website – “a comprehensive online resource for all communities”.

In summary, it should not cost more than £75 to start promoting your business via video

Want Something More Professional?
We offer Professional Business Advert, a high quality digital promotional video of any length.
Cost: starts at £399

What will it look like?  – a screenshot – click on “GO”


BusinessTube is powered by LocalEyes – ”Community Matters”

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