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Work placement, volunteering and training opportunities in IT an community building activities
Work placement, volunteering and training opportunities in IT an community building activities

The main focus for the Shire Training Company is currently to deliver the “LocalEyes Community Builder” training programme.

LocalEyes Community Builders
Training Programme Overview

This programme will provide training for unemployed, socially, physically, mentally and otherwise socially disadvantaged individuals to become “LocalEyes Community Builders”. These Community Builders will engage in building a comprehensive community resource for communities using revolutionary new web based technology called “LocalEyes”.

LocalEyes will become a valuable tool for local people to make connections within their communities, while at the same time, provide valuable learning and community engagement opportunities for those building the resource. The skills, experience and boost to confidence acquired by the trainees will stand them in good stead for finding employment and other valuable roles in the community following completion of the programme.

With rising fuel prices, government and individual targets for CO2 reduction, an emphasis on sustainability and resilience within our communities… all these themes require localisation. They require us to travel less, use less energy and use less of the world’s resources in our day to day living.

One of the most effective ways of achieving these aims is to reconnect with everything local. To buy local food and support local businesses, source local skills, engage with local people and groups, their campaigns and activities etc. LocalEyes will become a valuable tool to help facilitate this engagement, becoming a powerful tool for interaction within the community.

LocalEyes utilises the latest digital and web based technologies in the fields of voting, social networking, communications, video, mobile etc to create a truly interactive 21st century community engagement toolkit.

Grounding Technology
Imagine the mobile voting seen each week on X-Factor and Maria applied locally so local people can vote on real issues concerning them, the social networking capabilities of Facebook applied to our geographic communities combined with the proactive nature of Amazon as a catalyst for linking like minded people, groups and activities. Much of the content within LocalEyes will be in video format creating our own a local version of YouTube – LocalTube.

This training course is for:

  • Unemployed
  • Disenfranchised
  • Young people not in education, employment or training
  • Students
  • Mental health
  • Physically disabled
  • Volunteers
  • Work placement

Training Schedule

  1. Basic computer skills
  2. A range of self awareness and self esteem enhancement training sessions
  3. Web Developer Training:
    ~ LocalEyes: Web Developer Level 1 – Basic LocalEyes web based skills
    • Add groups and basic information
    • Add events
    • Add news
    • Add more detailed group information
    • Add key people
    • Categorise the groups
    • Add web links

    ~ LocalEyes: Web Developer Level 2 – Group and community administrator

    ~ LocalEyes: Web Developer Level 3 – Group and Community Voice administrator

    ~ LocalEyes: Web Developer Level 4 – Delegation and quality control
    • Organising content gathered by LocalEyes Community Researchers and Coordinators from communities and group
    • Distributing content gather to LocalEyes Web Developers and Administrators
    • Quality control

  4. Telephone Skills Training:
    ~ LocalEyes: Telephone Skills Level 1  – Basic telephone skills
    • Call groups to request inclusion in LocalEyes directory and basic info

    ~ LocalEyes: Telephone Skills Level 2 – Social groups communications
    • Call groups each month to update info, events, news etc

    ~ LocalEyes: Telephone Skills Level 3 – Business communications
    • Call businesses to arrange appointments for LocalEyes business advisors

  5. Group Account Management:
    ~ LocalEyes: Group Account Manager Level 1 – Group listings
    • Take responsibility for the social groups allocated
    • Ensure all listings are up to date

    ~ LocalEyes: Group Account Manager Level 2 – Group engagement
    • Visit groups to meet members and learn about group activities
    • Video and photograph events and activities
    • Identify themes for the Group Voice
    • Initiate ideas within the themes on the Group Voice
    • Arrange meeting at LocalEyes HQ for group leaders to learn about the Group Voice interactive events

  6. Community Engagement:
    ~ LocalEyes: Community Engagement Level 1  – Basic community engagement
    • Research local groups
    • Research local issues
    • Research business local listings
    • Research skills on offer
    • Research local arts and crafts, food, products etc.
    • Video and photograph places of interest within the community

    ~ LocalEyes: Community Engagement Level 2 – Advanced community engagement
    • Video and photograph local groups and their activities
    • Video and photograph local people discussing local issues
    • Video and photograph local businesses
    • Video and photograph local people with their skills
    • Video local lessons (these may be a taster to the skills being offered)
    • Video and photograph local arts and crafts people
    • Video local elders
    ~ Local knowledge
    ~ Snippets of wisdom
    • Video people that wish to meet like minded people
    • Video local talent

    ~ LocalEyes: Community Engagement Level 3 – Leading LocalEyes teams
    • Organise schedule and itinerary for trips to communities with LocalEyes Researchers and Coordinators
    • Manage teams and content required from communities
    • Make connections and meetings with key members of the community
    • Ensure all information and content gathered is appropriately added to LocalEyes

  7. Community Reporting
    ~ LocalEyes: Community Reporter Level 1 – Reporting on stories in the community using various types of social media
    • To empower people to use social media technology to highlight an issue that affects them in relation to community safety, identify the appropriate agencies with whom to engage in dialogue and to trial the process of using social media to present a point of view and engage in dialogue in order to influence the decisions that are impacting upon them.
    • To work closely with community leaders to train them in our delivery mechanisms to ensure long-term support for the people and sustainability of the process.
    • Working closely with the workers/staff to devise a process that they could continue to implement once LocalEyes staff leave teaching technical skills, teaching research and promotion skills, and facilitating sessions between  Reporters and key decision makers
    • Locally based  support staff feel confident in sustaining the delivery of the  Reporter programme
    • People are introduced to the process of using social media to effect change around issues that affect them
    • Statutory decision makers engage with the community in a meaningful way and recognise the value of having locally based reporters to consult with.
  8. Business Coordinators:
    ~ LocalEyes: Business Coordinators Level 1 – Engaging with small Businesses
    • Encourage businesses to document their ecological actions
    • Video various aspects of the business’ activities
    • Encourage businesses to sponsor the LocalEyes community chest
    • Encourage businesses to become “Community Dragons”
    • Encourage engagement with customers using “Customer Voice”
    • Encourage engagement with customers using “Customer Voice

    ~ LocalEyes: Business Coordinators Level 2 – Engaging with Medium / Large Businesses
    • Encourage businesses to document their ecological actions
    • Video various aspects of the business’ activities
    • Encourage businesses to sponsor the LocalEyes community chest
    • Encourage businesses to become “District/County Dragons”
    • Encourage engagement with customers using “Customer Voice”
    • Encouraging bottom up decision making using “Staff Voice”
    • Encourage events based around staff empowerment

  9. VocalEyes
    ~ LocalEyes: VocalEyes Events Level 1 – assisting VocalEyes events
    • Assist social groups and communities to use the Voice within events to facilitate participation and decision making

    ~ LocalEyes: VocalEyes Events Level 2 – VocalEyes event coordinators
    • Coordinate and manage events where groups, organisations,  schools, businesses etc. use the Voice as a decision making tool

    ~ LocalEyes: VocalEyes Sales Person Level 1
    • Selling VocalEyes to businesses, social groups, councils etc.

LocalEyes – Titles of Rolls

  • Web Developer
    ~ LocalEyes: Web Developer Level 1
  • Web Administrator
    ~ LocalEyes: Web Developer Level 2 & 3
  • Web Content Manager
    ~ LocalEyes: Web Developer Level 4
  • Communicators
    ~ LocalEyes Telephone Skills Level 1, 2 & 3
  • Group Account Manager
    ~ LocalEyes Group Account Manager Level 1 & 2
  • Community Researcher
    ~ Community Engagement Level 1
  • Community Builder
    ~ Community Engagement Level 2
  • Community Team Leader
    ~ Community Engagement Level 3
  • Community Reporter
    ~ Community Reporter Level 1
  • Business Advisor
    ~ Business Coordinator Level 1
  • Corporate Advisor
    ~ Business Coordinator Level 2
  • VocalEyes Assistant
    ~ Voice Events Level 1
  • VocalEyes Coordinator
    ~ Voice Events Level 2
  • VocalEyes Sales Person
    ~ VocalEyes Sales Person Level 1


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