Community Card

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Points for community building activities such as buying local, volunteering time, voting etc.
Points for community building activities such as buying local, volunteering time, voting etc.
The objective here  is to introduce a card, similar in concept to the Tesco Club Card, that provides benefits to those people who participate in community building & environmentally focused activities.
Individuals will gain points on their card via the following activities:
  • purchasing locally
  • purchasing environmentally friendly products
  • voting
  • fund raising
  • participating in community initiatives
  • participating on local cooperative activities i.e. purchasing
  • reducing their ecological “footprint”
  • volunteering time to the community or voluntary organisatoins

These points can then be exchanged for products and services signed up to the scheme or used to reduce the individuals cost of living various ways i.e. reduced cost for eco friendly purchases (renewable fuels, organic foods, natural fibre clothing etc).

Alternative Currency Schemes
There is an upserge in interest in local currency schemes as there are numerous benefits to the local community, such as strengthening the local economy, sense of place, reducing food miles and carbon footprints.

It is not realistic to think that all towns and cities could initiate and sustain their own local currency and this would become rather overwhelming to the individual if it were the case. The Community Card is a digital, scalable, convenient and versitile alternative the local currency schemes.

Core Benefits of the Community Card:

  • Only one infrastructure required for the UK
  • Low administration costs
  • Maintains a sense of local identity through local landmark branding on the card
  • Versitile enough to embrase numerous other types of community building activities such as volunteering and voting etc.
  • The cards can be geographically identified through embedded postcode data. From this, Club Card points can be awarded for purchasing locally, calculated by radius from the “home” location of the card

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