Community Hub for Innovation

Community Hub for Innovation


(working title)

Swansea City Center

Invitation to Collaborate

Research & Feasibility Phase

“It’s crucial to develop a space for members of the community and institutions to engage in innovation and incubation.”

communities themselves need to be engaged
to make cities more innovative, resilient and sustainable.

Matthew Taylor, Chief Exec of Royal Society of Arts (RSA)


Imagine a city center space where we exchange and share ideas and projects to help take Swansea to a more sustainable way of life. Where people can come together to develop innovative ideas but also combine with the expertise of fellow groups and residents in the creation of joint projects and businesses.

Recent consultation calling for ideas on the topic of ‘How can we bring democracy to life?’ on the Swansea District VocalEyes group identified there was a high level of demand for such a space to be established to help turn some of these conversations and ideas into tangible actions.


Be part of a new Community Hub for Innovation (CHI) for the community of Swansea.

Scheduled to open in early 2016 – High Street (above Volcano Theatre)


All interested parties who can commit to some core principles are invited to become involved:

  • The enhancement of community engagement, participation in local democratic action.
  • The empowerment of people to work up the feasibility of ideas and progress them into tangible projects.
  • The promotion of a collaborative approach between like-minded organisations
  • To use the space as a catalytic centre for projects which have a positive impact on urban regeneration.
  • To contribute to educational activities promoting the objectives of the CHI.


Some anticipated outcomes from CHI would be

  • The emergence of effective working groups as people from a diverse range of backgrounds benefit from sharing knowledge and skills.
  • The increased potential of groups and organisations to promote and achieve their own objectives.
  • Increased awareness of the principles of sustainable development both locally and from around the world.
  • The promotion of democratic engagement, active citizenship and entrepreneurship.


This space offers:

  • Collaboration opportunities for joint projects and funding bids
  • A large consultation space
  • Hot desking facilities
  • Office space for groups
  • Regular talks and events relating to sustainable futures.
  • Networking hub
  • Display areas for promoting projects
  • Capacity through placement opportunities

Technical facilities:

  • Digital devices for real time voting and engagement
  • Projector screen for presentations
  • Stage & PA system with full band setup
  • Video recording facilities
  • Super fast broadband

Cost: participating parties would be expected to make a contribution proportionate to their means.

and/or assist in running the space.


A provisional floor plan is available on request and a

viewing of the facility is arranged for Friday 20th November at 3pm.

(1st floor of Iceland building, above Volcano Theatre)


If you would like to be part of this exciting new venture in any way, please fill in the form folowing the link below:


Alternatively, email

(Please include your contact details and what you’d like to achieve in the innovation space.)